LOOK: Browns DT Danny Shelton Lost a Ton of Weight With MMA Workouts

He wasn't happy with his performance as a rookie, so the former first-round pick overhauled his body.

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Danny Shelton had a total of 36 tackles and no sacks last year during his rookie season. Shelton, the 12th overall pick in last year's NFL Draft, has said he wants to perform better this year, and it appears that his strategy for doing so is to lose a lot of weight.

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Coming into the league, Shelton was listed at 6-foot-2, 339 pounds, but he told ESPN that his weight skyrocketed as his rookie year wore on. Shelton is now reportedly back down to around 335 pounds, which he says was his goal.

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So how did Shelton lose all that weight this off-season? In addition to team workouts at the Browns facility, Shelton took up MMA-style training. According to clevelandbrowns.com, Shelton trains at Cal Crowell Fitness, Athletic & MMA Training Center south of Cleveland.

One reason Shelton got into MMA-style training is because of his dislike of traditional cardio workouts. "Honestly, I was thinking about it the whole off-season and during the season, just thinking of something I was interested in and have fun doing," Shelton said. "Because I hate cardio and a lot of big guys hate cardio."

Danny Shelton MMA 1

Danny Shelton MMA 2

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Browns' Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton says he wants Shelton to be able to stay on the field longer this season, and his weight loss should help the athlete do just that. The hand-to-hand fighting techniques may also help Shelton get by offensive linemen to record some sacks.

"Just playing at this weight will be better for me as far as being on the field more, getting more playing time, and then for my lifestyle," Shelton said.

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You can see more on Shelton's offseason training here.

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