Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Rich Hill Uses a Pretty Gross Technique to Heal His Blisters

Don't try this at home, you guys.

When you're a pitcher, developing a blister on your throwing hand can be completely debilitating. That's been the case for Los Angeles Dodgers starter Rich Hill,  who's been plagued by—and who's missed a fair amount of time because of—a recurring blister on his left hand all season long. Things got so bad that despite pitching a perfect game through seven innings against the Miami Marlins in September, Hill was removed by manager Brian Robert because his pesky blister reappeared.

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L.A. ace Clayton Kershaw had to deal with a back injury that kept him out of most of the second half of the season, so the Dodgers have had to rely on Hill to anchor their rotation, and they'll lean on him again when they take on the Washington Nationals later today in Game 2 of the NLDS.

Because of all those factors, Hill has tried everything in the books to get rid of his blisters, including one pretty gross technique: using his own urine.

"You pee on it," Hill told USA Today. "You might as well try it, right? I was desperate to do anything at that time. I wanted to super glue it back . . . It's a cloud, because when the blister happened, I was so frustrated."

The blister appears to be under control, and Hill is scheduled to make his scheduled start today to help the Dodgers take a 2-0 lead over the Nationals; but if the blister pops back up, somebody better get a water bottle full of urine ready to go.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock