The 7 Loudest College Football Stadiums, Ranked

You won't believe which college football team has the loudest stadium. Really.

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It's the fourth quarter of a primetime college football game, and your squad is up 3 with just over a minute left to play. A white, ESPN-branded flag flutters slightly against the wall, because, yeah, this game is nationally televised. The opposing team has the ball at its own 45, and it's third and 3. A stop here for the defense, and it's game, set, match. The scoreboard implores you and your ketchup-stained brethren to "Get Loud!" You do. The whole stadium does. It sounds like you've accidentally stumbled onto an airplane runway without ear protectors. "This must be the loudest college football stadium ever," you think to yourself.

Every college football fan probably thinks his or her team's stadium is the loudest. There is no definitive ranking of stadium noise levels measured in decibels, since not every stadium has attempted to record it. A handful have, though, so we decided to bring you the loudest of the bunch. Although places like Texas A&M's Kyle Field and Ohio State's Ohio Stadium might belong on this list, we could find no record of their decibel levels. So cover your ears. You might be surprised by which stadium is No. 1.

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