'Madden 25': 5 Game-Changing New Moves

EA Sports overhauled the running game for "Madden 25" with "Run Free" technology. Here are some of our favorite running moves and how to execute them.

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Like their NFL counterparts, video game quarterbacks used to do three things: shout nonsense phrases like "backyard barbeque 48, hike," drop back, and either hand the ball off or throw it.  Repeat as needed.

That's no longer the case. Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III all led their teams to the playoffs last season, signaling that dual-threat quarterbacks are no longer the exception, they're the rule. At least they're ruling the field.

EA Sports recognized the importance of running for young QBs, and they also realized that the running moves made by their virtual players had grown stale. So they totally overhauled the running game for Madden 25, installing  "Run Free," a technology that expands the moves ballcarriers can execute from eight to 30.

From ankle-breaking juke combos to high hurdles over falling defenders, virtually carrying the ball has never felt so, well, free. Here are five of our favorite moves, and how to execute them.

The Hurdle

PlayStation: Tap Triangle
Tap Y 

To hop over ankle-grabbing defenders, hit the precision modifier (LT on Xbox and L2 on PlayStation), while tapping those same buttons.

The Dive

PlayStation: Tap Square
 Tap X

No one likes to punt, so use this move to gain precious extra ground. When every inch matters, use the precision modifier to dive with the football stretched out in front of you.

The Acceleration Burst

PlayStation: Hold R2
 Hold RT 

NFL backs use speed selectively, and you should too. Pace yourself in the backfield as you look for a hole, then use this trick to blast through when it opens.

The Back Juke

PlayStation: Flick right stick down
 Flick right stick down 

When defenders charge from the side or grab at your feet, this little move lets you jump backwards so they pass, allowing you to charge forward into clear space.

The Stumble Recovery

PlayStation: Pull down on right stick while stumbling
 Pull down on right stick while stumbling 

When your runner is seconds away from crashing to the ground, you have one chance to regain your balance and keep going. The drawback? You might get jolted by a defender and cough up a momentum-shifting fumble.

Madden: Then and Now

It's been 25 years since Madden, then titled John Madden Football 1988, came to consoles, and things were a bit different in the beginning.

  • Since the EA had not yet secured a license to use the likenesses of NFL players, there were no virtual NFL teams, just made-up teams based on the pros.
  • You couldn't play a season. The only option was a single game.
  • Systems the game was available on included Genesis, Super Nintendo, Apple II, PC and Commodore 64 (you mean you didn't have one?).
  • The graphics? Stiff. Players moved in blips, sometimes overlapping each other, so you couldn't tell who was who. But it was 1988, so all was forgiven.

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