Tim Tebow, Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham Win Madden Bowl XVIII

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Tim Tebow, Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham Win Madden Bowl XVIII

Experience isn't everything—at least it wasn't during last night's Madden Bowl XVIII. Defending champs Maurice Jones-Drew, Patrick Willis and Arian Foster lost to NFL rookies Robert Griffin III, LaMichael James and Justin Blackmon. But the Cinderella story ended quickly, as Tim Tebow, Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham took out the rookies to claim the Madden Bowl Title.

RG3 and Tim Tebow at Madden Bowl XVIII

OK, it wasn't the Super Bowl, but the star power burned just as bright, as NFL icons like Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice made their way to the Bud Light Hotel in downtown Indianapolis. The championship game ended in Super Bowl fashion with Tebow, Brees and Graham taking the win right under the fingers—or the controllers—of the rookies. The champs won Tebow-style with a fourth quarter comeback. It's unclear whether they gathered for a "Tebowing" team photo, but simply imagining it is awesome enough.

No doubt Jones-Drew and his team of former champions went home unsatisfied. The three-time All-Pro running back previously talked up his Madden game saying, "I'm still the Madden champ. Nobody's beaten me one-on-one yet." Right. His one-on-one streak might still be alive, but there's no question who went home happy last night.

Drew Brees at Madden Bowl XVIII

STACK has been behind-the-scenes in Indianapolis leading up to Super Bowl XLVI. Stay tuned for exclusive video content from one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Photos:  Zosimo Maximo

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