Madden Mondays: Reading Defenses Pre-Snap and Post-Snap

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If you want to be successful online in Madden 12, it's vital you learn how to read defenses and progressions. The game has become so realistic that it's nearly impossible to win on a regular basis if you cannot identify man vs. zone coverages, understand each play's progression and keep a hot route for emergencies. If you just wing it, you're going to get smoked in all your ranked games.

In the next installment of STACK's Madden Mondays, we'll break down one of the toughest things to do: stay disciplined and decipher defenses. Five or 10 years ago, you could just snap the ball and throw it to your best receiver, moving down the field at will and running up the score. But unless you're as nasty on the sticks as Prima Madden strategy guide editors @ZFarls and @SGibs, you need to think about the coverage you're facing and the best way to beat it.

Here are some tips from the guys on how to read coverages before and after the snap.

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Source:  Prima Madden
Photo:  EA

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