Man Calls Police After Being Fouled too Hard During Pickup Basketball Game

This guy wasn't taking any chances.

We've all been there. You're at the local rec center, matched up at the top of the key against your middle school nemesis, with the game and your pride on the line, a chance to get back at your tormentor who stole the Gushers from your lunch one too many times all those years ago. You give a head fake and hesitation dribble to the right, cross back over to your left and speed to the hole. You've got a clear layup, and then—wham! Your nemesis fouls you hard across the sternum. You call it. You feel good. The game goes on.

Except, what if, in your temporary rage, you took things a step further? Like what if, after absorbing said foul, you called the police?

You might be laughing, but that's exactly what happened at a small gym in an undisclosed location somewhere in the United States, where a man, upset about being screened so hard he was knocked to the ground, threatened to, and then proceeded, to call the 5-0.

The man in the photo, per TrapMoneyBenny, is not the policer-caller. Instead, he's the screener, surely being questioned about the nature of his screen and whether or not it was illegal. A further look at the insanity taking place comes in the video clip below.

Perhaps the best part of this whole ordeal is the officer, in response to the question of if he'd ever been called because someone was fouled too hard, flatly responding "no."

Be careful who you're fouling out there, kids. You might just get the cops called on you.

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