Social Media Roundup: Mario Balotelli Reads and Dances to Notorious B.I.G. While Ironing—and More

In collaboration with Rouse Social, STACK scours the social media accounts of top athletes to bring you their best posts.

RouseEach week, with the help of Rouse Social, STACK scours the social media accounts of the world's best athletes to bring you their most interesting posts. Scroll down to see Julian Edelman serving up iced coffee, James Harden at the Great Wall of China, and Indianapolis Colts members arriving at camp in Indy Cars.

15. Roy Hibbert
Caption: Earlier tonight, @kareemabduljabbar_33 announced that he's working with @royhibbert55 "to become a serious threat to his competitors." Read the full story at #Repost via Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

14. Wesley Woodyard Jr.

Caption: Big safety in action you see him running from across the field lol! Truly a blessing to have such a strong team that loves giving back! @16waysfoundation @j_wright_ @ayvo54 @keenanburton @9teendotdizzle #changinglives #choppingdownbullying

13. Evan Turner

Caption: Another one bites the dust @dallasl3 #buckeyemonopolynight

12. Ryan Kerrigan

Caption: Shoutout to this meathead at the gym this morning. Conventional pull-ups are for the weak. If your workout is not endangering yourself and/or others, then you're doing it wrong. #bro #lifting #fitfam #crossfit #protein #preworkout #cleaneating #paleo #DoinIt #hashtags #yoked #GTL

11. Pierre Thomas
Tell'em why you mad @TheJimmyGraham.

10. Travis Beckum
Caption: Puttin in work sonnnn!! Tire weight about 550 @polknick @jae_ace

9. Richard Sherman's Softball Charity event



8. Kevin Durant
Caption: Beard gang.

7. Julian Edelman
Caption: How'd you like this surprise next time you make a Dunkin' run? @edelman11

6. Serena Williams

5. DJ Williams
Caption: #RP the truth must be known Im tired of all y'all cats in the league photoshopping and posting workouts right before camp, if your not in shape now it's to late #FansFallForItEverytime #IHopeMyTeamFollowsMyIg #DamnShouldOfTakemMyShirtOff #NoDaysOff #HonestlyNoDaysOn @Espn @millerlite40 @antrelrolle @jonvilma51 @mforte22 @martellusb @_real_deal_vision @asvpdxpe @dontestallworth

4. James Harden
Caption:Great Wall of China!

3. Jeremy Lin
Caption: That is my ninja way . . . Thanks to EVERYONE who made my Asia tour so amazing!! I seriously have the best fans ever! #naruto #teamrasengan #chakraboost

2. Mario Balotelli
Caption: #KnowledgeIsPower reading books is cool

1. Indianapolis Colts
Caption: Ride along with Reggie as he makes his way to #ColtsCamp in an #IndyCar with Ed Carpenter. Full video on or the #Colts Mobile App.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock