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It's no secret that consuming a nutritious diet is vital for athletes. But tailoring a healthy eating regimen to suit your personal vitamin and mineral needs can be difficult. Now you can simplify the process with Segterra, Inc.'s InsideTracker.

Available to athletes over the age of 18, InsideTracker analyzes your blood and creates nutritional recommendations and an optimal eating plan based on your results. All InsideTracker recommendations are founded on scientific evidence; the program measures the presence of biomarkers in your blood—"key vitamins, minerals and nutrients that affect your overall well being and athletic performance."

Once you've established a baseline with the blood test, you will find a nutritional plan online, tailored specifically for you. The site's digital "dashboard" allows you to track your personal health and sports performance through managing your unique biochemistry to ensure optimal levels of vitamins, nutrients and other critical biomarkers.

InsideTracker will be the secret weapon for 2011 USA Triathlon Elite Race Series Champion and Duathlon Olympian Jarrod Shoemaker as this year's company spokesman rigorously trains for a spot on the 2012 U.S. Olympics Team. "I am very excited to be representing Segterra," says Shoemaker. "The InsideTracker Fitness Plus Plan has already helped me to understand how food and lifestyle affect my body's chemistry and what I need to do to adjust those things to enhance my performance, making my training more effective."

With an endorsement like that, we were dying to test the product. After registering and typing in our personal workout goals on InsideTracker's confidential site, we located a convenient LabCorp clinic to arrange a blood test per online instructions.

Results came via email. We don't usually brag, but we tested in the optimal range for most biomarkers. However, our levels of B12 were slightly elevated, and vitamin D levels were low, not surprising for someone living in a northern climate with little exposure to sunlight.

Thanks to the program, we learned that a lack of B12 can hurt red blood cell production, protein synthesis, tissue repair and maintenance, resulting in anemia or reduced endurance; and vitamin D is essential for nervous system and skeletal muscle maintenance and development.

To get our levels in the recommended range, InsideTracker recommended reduced intake of foods like eggs, ham and whole milk and increased consumption of whole grain cereals, yogurt, several types of fish, skim milk and orange juice. The site also gave us a nutritionally-balanced plan that we could customize with our favorite foods.


A sample of InsideTracker nutrition recommendations

InsideTracker tracks your results over time, but the company recommends that you get a new blood test every few months to ensure that you receive the most accurate recommendations. The follow-up tests also help you see whether the changes you've made are having any impact, or if you need to further tweak your diet.

The program is available in three separate levels—general fitness, fitness plus and elite. Visit InsideTracker to learn more and to achieve your optimal fitness goals.


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