Max Payne 3 Is Locked and Loaded

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Max Payne 3

After being pushed back countless times over the years, Max Payne 3 finally has a solid release date and an extended online trailer.

The game picks up eight years after Max Payne 2. Payne has left the rainy streets of New York to work in private security in São Paulo, Brazil. He may be older, but he still has all his signature diving and sliding moves from the first two games. Also, he can still take advantage of "Bullet Time" mode, a slow-motion power that allows players to see every bullet they shoot, whether Payne is sliding on the ground or diving from a balcony. The effect, which has been used in a number of other games since it wowed gamers in the first Max Payne, still looks and feels as fresh as ever.

The game's slow-motion acrobatics and breathtaking visuals offer athletes great opportunities to let off steam after practice. Whether you just want to spend a few minutes with Max or you're ready to invest heavily in the game's massive plot, Max Payne 3 looks ready to deliver.

Max Payne 3 ($60) will be released on May 18 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and on May 29 for the PC. Now through April 2, hardcore fans can pre-order the special edition ($100) and get extra goodies, such as multiplayer packs and the game's soundtrack.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock