Boost Power With This Med Ball Chest Workout

Build powerful chest strength with this med ball workout from STACK Expert Jim Carpentier.

Single-Arm Med Ball Push-Up

Traditional chest workouts are boring. Training your chest with a medicine ball can increase your strength as much as your standard routine of Bench Presses, Dumbbell Flies and Bar Dips.

Medicine Ball Chest Combos

Ball Rolls with Medicine Ball Push-Ups

Similar to Dumbbell Flies, Ball Rolls help isolate the pectoral muscles.

Sets: 2 (30-second rest between)

  • Assume push-up position with one hand on the ball and one on the floor
  • Roll ball from hand to hand three times
  • Follow this with three One-Arm Push-Ups on the ball
  • Roll the ball to the other hand for three One-Arm Push-Ups
  • Without rest, continue rolling the ball from hand to hand twice
  • Progress down to two Single-Arm Ball Push-Ups per hand
  • Follow the same procedure to one roll per hand with one Single-Arm Push-Up per hand

Burpees with Ball Throws and Push-Ups

Burpees enhance power in the lower body, and explosive ball throws develops upper-body strength.

Sets: 2 (60-second rest between)

  • Assume push-up position with both hands on ball
  • Quickly thrust your legs forward toward your hands and back and immediately jump up
  • From a standing position, explosively throw the ball from chest level against a wall
  • Catch the rebound and return to push-up position with both hands on the ball
  • Perform 3 Push-Ups
  • Repeat sequence twice more without resting between exercises

Super Set Finisher

1. Single Leg Squats with a Ball Throw

  • Facing about three feet from a wall, hold ball at chest level and squat on one leg (other foot off floor)
  • Hold two seconds
  • Rise from squat position while simultaneously throwing the ball against the wall and catching it on the rebound
  • Without resting, continue Single Leg Squats/Ball Throw nine more times
  • Repeat with other leg 10 times

2. Side Lunges and Ball Twists

Side Lunges and Ball Twists are excellent lower- and upper-body and core strength movements.

  • Perform immediately following Single-Leg Squats and Throws
  • Holding ball at chest level with arms extended, rapidly rotate torso to the right while laterally lunging with right leg
  • Return ball to start position while dragging left foot toward right
  • Repeat nine times, then perform to the left for 10 reps

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock