MFC 32 Preview: Showdown in Canada

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MFC 32

The Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC) will hold its 32nd show on Jan. 27 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The event promises to present quality fighters from all over the world, including some who have fought in the UFC and other top leagues.

The card features Antonio McKee, Wilson Gouveia and Ryan McGillivray. Former MFC lightweight champion McKee will face challenger Brian Cobb. Both men fought in the UFC, but each was cut after losing his first fight. So, back to the MFC. McKee is looking to take the league by storm and regain his belt, but he needs to get through Cobb to do so. It won't be an easy task, because Cobb is extremely strong on the ground, having racked up 12 submission victories.

Another big matchup is between former UFC vet Wilson Gouveia and Dwayne "D-Bomb" Lewis. This is a must-win for Gouveia, who is coming off a three-fight losing streak. D-Bomb is a solid striker and MFC fan favorite. If Gouveia wants a chance to win, he needs to come out aggressively and try to get Lewis to the ground.

Other fights on the card:

  • Diego Bautista vs. Ryan McGillivray
  • Adam Lynn vs. Mukai Maromo
  • Cody Krahn vs. Jamey Toney

Make sure to tune into HDNet to watch MFC 32 on Jan. 27 at 10 p.m. EST.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock