Two Sports Psychology Tricks Used By Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos

Learn two important sport psych technique Michael Phelps uses to gain an edge over his competition from one of his trainers, Todd Stofka.

Michael Phelps

One of the more exciting moments of this years Summer Olympics was Chad Le Clos burying Michael Phelps in the 200m butterfly. But equally impressive was how Phelps handled his first international loss in ten years. Putting it behind him, the most decorated Olympian ever anchored the 4x200 freestyle relay for gold.

What sets these athletes apart besides their determination and natural talent? It's their dedication to the sports performance psychology mindset.

At Philly Hypnosis Sports Performance, I've helped top Olympians like Phelps and Missy Franklin win the mental game of their sport. Using my methods, they've learned to succeed by creating core confidence, perfecting the ability to release mistakes and focusing on correct thoughts for a winning belief to produce "in the zone" results.

Here are two tricks of a sports performance psychology mindset that you can learn, based on how Phelps and Le Clos rose to the occasion to win.

Steal Your Opponent's Secrets

The major obstacle to Le Clos realizing his dream of winning gold in the fly was the undefeated reigning champ. However, Le Clos was crafty in his attack. He decided to model Phelps, and he accomplished this by imagining he was Phelps. Le Clos started, hit the turns and finished strong, all like Phelps. By training his brain to be just as good, Le Clos executed a .05 second faster time and stole the gold.

Take Control in the Midst of Adversity

The golden boy coming into the Olympics, Phelps never imagined he'd have his head handed to him in three signature events. He took a fourth and two silvers. Adding insult to injury, he lost in his best event, the 200 fly. But what peak performers do best is find a way, even in the midst of adversity, to take control. Phelps put everything behind him when he swam the anchor leg of the 4x200 freestyle relay. It was his to lose. He'd been beaten four times so far; would this be his fifth? No! Phelps swam the second fastest leg and brought home the gold.

Learning to steal your opponents' secrets to use against them and maintaining control no matter what are two secret weapons for your mental toughness arsenal. If you have trouble adopting them, seek out a qualified Sports Performance Expert. Take advantage and eliminate future fear of a poor performance.

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