Social Media Roundup: The Mizzou O-Line Twerks to 'Wiggle Wiggle'—and More

Enjoy this week's best athlete social media posts, featuring Kobe Bryant, the Cleveland Indians, Dwight Howard and Cam Newton.

Each week, with the help of Rouse Social, STACK scours the Instagram accounts of the world's best athletes to bring you their most interesting posts. This week, Sio Moore shows off his jammies, the Cleveland Indians slip-n-slide during a rain delay, Clint Gresham sings to Katy Perry, Pat Barry begs for tech help, and Lorenzo Cain celebrates Christmas early.

25. Kobe Bryant

Caption: This is a picture of my sis and @drinkbodyarmor athlete @sydneyleroux legs after playing a match on turf!! Check the link in my bio for the full story. #turfissues #ProtectTheAthlete #upgradethepitch #worldcup #uswnt

24. Dez Bryant

Caption: Great to see one of the greatest @NBA and @Lakers legends #MagicJohnson stop by camp today. Better @ThrowUpTheX with @DallasCowboys nation all season long!

23. Michelle Wie

Caption: Winnie is one popular bear! #Disneyland

22. Eugene Sims

Caption: Some big *** kids

21.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

(Celebrates goal, whips out Spider-Man mask)

20. Andrew Hawkins

Caption: Our jam!

19. Richard Hamilton

Caption: Luv this pic. #lol #whosThatMaskMan #Family1st #DaddysLilMan

18. Travis Johnson

Caption: This might be why my food took 15 mins last night !!!

17. Peyton & Eli Manning

16. Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace aka Panda Friend

15. James Harden & Landon Donovan

14. Nick Newell

Caption: It's not always about what you can take. Its about what you can give back. Set an example with your actions & behavior. You could help spark the flame to something fantastic. #LuckyFinProject #TenFingersAreOverrated #LuckyFinsRoc

13. Clemson Football

Caption: If you don't know who Loree Jones is, look her up. She's only won everything there is to win in professional billiards. She's also a Clemson fan. See what she did today with Coach Swinney. #ClemsonFamily

12. Cam Newton

Caption: Cam being Cam. #AlwaysTimeForFans

11. Andree Drummond

Caption: Hope y'all don't plan on using 75 today in Detroit!

10. Dwight Howard

Caption: Rocky

Caption: Hope y'all don't plan on using 75 today in Detroit!

9. Sio Moore

Caption: #TheBobs Good Am Y'all

8. Kyle Long

7. Cleveland Indians

6. Paul George

5. Giancarlo Stanton

Caption: HAHA

4. Clint Gresham

Caption: One of the funniest spontaneous moments of my life: breaking into the humming of firework with some of your top dudes. #epic

3. Pat Barry

Caption: noshameHELP WITH RESTORE- m18x Alienware!!!!

2. Mizzou Football

Caption: Wiggle wiggle wiggle #Mizzou #OLine

1. Salvador Perez

Caption: My amigo Caín Hahahaha @alcides02 háblame de esto

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock