Music in Sports: Justin Bieber's Got Skills On The Ice

Don't miss what went down last week in the intersection of music and sports.

Sports and music are more intertwined than ever before. Each week, STACK brings you the latest news blending the worlds of music and sports. This week, LeBron James shows off some moves during his warm-up, ESPN hosts several musical guests, Iman Shumpert announces a mixtape, and Justin Bieber gets in trouble for playing soccer in the Vatican. 

10. Alhaji Mohammed / Jay-Z & Kanye


9. Kentucky Basketball

8. ESPN / Jadakiss

7. ESPN / Schoolboy Q

6. Atlanta Hawks / T.I.

5. Michael Beasley / Kurupt

4. Iman Shumpert / 'No Type' 3 Style

3. Isaiah Canaan

2. LeBron James / Chris Brown

1. Justin Bieber



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock