NBA Prospect Ben Simmons Has Crazy Soccer Skills

NBA prospect Ben Simmons continues to show off his soccer skills on the basketball court.

NBA Draft prospect Ben Simmons is a soccer star in the making.

The former LSU forward performed a soccer trick shot Sunday, kicking a basketball into the air and draining a shot from the baseline. Simmons' soccer skills were somewhat surprising. Though the NBA prospect is an amazing athlete, soccer requires a different set of skills than basketball.

Simmons is continuing to show off his soccer and punting skills. In a video on Instagram, he boots a basketball into the hoop with as much ease as NFL kicker Adam Vinatieri kicks a football through the uprights.

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If the NBA prospect can do this much with his legs, one can only imagine how much damage he can do when he uses his entire body on a basketball court.

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Simmons' athleticism is what intrigues NBA scouts the most, along with his passing ability, extraordinary for a player his size. Standing at 6-feet-10, Simmons has drawn comparisons to LeBron James because of his athleticism and ability to see the floor and make head-turning passes to teammates.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock