NCAA Football 11 With Cover Boy Tim Tebow

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No one knows how the virtual gridiron compares to reality better than a college football player, especially NCAA Football 11 cover boy, Tim Tebow. Here, he gives us the scoop on his gaming habits and what separates NCAA Football 11 from other rivalry games.

STACK: Are you a big gamer?
I enjoy playing football video games. All I've really ever played are football, baseball and basketball games, because I was a huge sports fanatic growing up.

STACK: Did you and your Gator teammates play a lot of NCAA in the locker room?
Oh yeah! Guys would play it in the locker room a lot, especially during two-a-days between practices. A lot of guys were really into it—setting up tournaments and competitions. And that was always fun, with a lot of trash talking. We would also have team and community activities, where we'd set several consoles up and bring in kids from different clubs around Gainesville, into what we called our Gator Room. They would play versus us, and we would hang out with them.

STACK: When you play the rivalry games in NCAA Football, do you prefer to play at home or away in a hostile environment?
It is such a big advantage being the home team when playing, because if not, you're practically dropping the control because it vibrates so hard [laughs]. [Being able to choose home or away] is what separates NCAA from Madden, because you have those rivalry games—and the recruiting feature, which a lot of guys enjoy.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock