Ndamukong Suh Is Officially the Miami Dolphins' Back-Up Kicker

The word 'kicker' isn't often associated with intimidation in the NFL. That'll change the second Suh lines up to attempt a field goal.

Ndamukong Suh is officially the Miami Dolphins' second-string kicker.

Head coach Adam Gase revealed to reporters earlier today that if starting kicker Andrew Franks were to go down with an injury during a game, Suh—the team's beastly 6-foot-4, 305-pound defensive tackle—would take over his duties.

During Tuesday's practice, Franks took a break as Suh took over during the team's field goal period. He made two of three attempts, including a successful 39-yard field goal. "Nothing will surprise me what you can do when you're that big of a freak," Dolphins defensive lineman William Hayes told the Sun Sentinel of Suh's kicking prowess.

One reason Suh is able to excel as a kicker despite his very un-kicker like build? Soccer was his first love, and he only abandoned it after a massive growth spurt made football the more logical option. "We definitely have fun with (me kicking) here in Miami. I'm ready at all times. I want to avenge that kick against the Jets," Suh said during a recent appearance on Good Morning Football.

If you're wondering what Suh is referring to by "that kick," he's talking about the extra point he missed during a 2010 game against the New York Jets when he was still a member of the Detroit Lions:

Considering that Suh was the back-up kicker for the Lions and now fills the same role for the Dolphins, the dude must have some serious skills. NFL teams aren't one to value entertainment over effectiveness.