Never Give Up: Amazing Scramble and Hail Mary Win California D-III High School Championship

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A game isn't over until the final buzzer sounds and referee gives the signal. Just ask the Kingsburg High School football team, which started their season with an incredible Hail Mary win and ended their season on a similar note.

In a California D-III Central Section title game, the Kingsburg High Vikings faced a fourth-and-10 on their own 19-yard line, down 20-21 with 2:08 left on the clock. Quarterback Garrett Steele scrambled for 15 seconds, eluding each blitzer twice, before launching a bomb to wide receiver Tyler Abernathy for an 81-yard touchdown. See the amazing play below.

To open their season, the Vikings were in a similar predicament when Steele and Abernathy pulled off almost the exact same Hail Mary touchdown [video below].

Congrats to Steele, Abernathy and the Kingsburg High School football team for capturing the California D-III Central Section title.  The lesson here is to never give up and to keep fighting until the end. Well played, gentlemen.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock