Never Miss a Workout with the Perfect Multi-Gym

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Getting to the gym can itself be an exercise for some athletes. The weather isn't cooperating, you're short on time or coach isn't around to unlock the building. Whatever the reason, not making it to the gym is no excuse for skipping a workout. Those competing with you for a D-I scholarship certainly aren't missing a day, so you shouldn't either—especially when turning your home into a gym is simple with the Multi-Gym from Perfect Fitness.

Multi-Gym's unique design allows it to be securely attached to a door frame without harming the woodwork. Once it's secured, you can complete a variety of Pull-Ups [wide/close-grip/Rope/Corn on the Cob] to target different muscles in your back. Make sure to engage your core for stability, so you're not swinging during the exercises. You can even attach some ab straps to the bar to challenge your core in a different way.

Flip your grip around and do Chin-Ups to put more emphasis on your biceps.

When you're done hitting the back and biceps, take the Multi-Gym off the door frame and place it on the floor to do Push-Ups and Dips, which target your chest, triceps and shoulders.

We tested the Multi-Gym and got a great workout. Its surprising sturdiness kept us locked in place throughout all movements. The comfortable, easy-to-hold grips allowed us to grind out a couple extra reps with no problem.

Take a look at the standard Pull-Up, then try the other variations shown above


  • Place hands on bar with an overhand grip, shoulder-width apart
  • Pull body up until chin is above bar
  • Lower to full extension
  • Keep core tight and avoid rocking body during the movement

Sets/Reps: 3x10-12

Rope Pull-Ups

  • Pull body up until chin is above hand level
  • Slowly lower body until arms are fully extended
  • Do not use legs for momentum
  • Use weight to increase difficultly

Sets/Reps: 4x as many as possible

Corn on the Cob Pull-Ups

  • Perform a regular overhand pull-up
  • Move head from hand to hand at the top of the pull-up
  • Avoid swinging body for momentum

Sets/Reps: 2-3x6-8 with 90-second rest

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock