New Product for Multi-Directional Training: Hot Feet Inferno

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A new piece of training equipment hitting the market is not only making coaches and athletes stand up and take notice, it's literally making them do 360-degree turns. The new apparatus is called the Hot Feet Inferno.

The product facilitates what Inferno developer Trevor Bollers calls "4D" training. He explains, "4D training means that you are training in all four directions with one piece of innovative equipment. You don't play the game just going back and forth. Why train that way?"

With a grid of 25 squares, the Inferno can be used for a variety of drills, allowing athletes to train for speed, power, quickness, reaction and agility by moving forward, backward, laterally and diagonally. When completing patterns on the device, athletes must concentrate, which promotes game-time focus. If they want to juice things up, they can compete against each other.

When the grid is raised six inches off the ground, athletes have to lift their legs high and use their hips to complete drills successfully.

The Hot Feet Inferno has a unique "snap back" action, so it keeps its shape and pattern after hits. This allows continuous movement through a drill, even if you make an error. It also allows face-to-face and side-to-side competition.

Ex-NFL star Tim Dwight [New England Patriots and San Diego Chargers], who has used the unit and works with elite athletes, says, "It's one of the best training tools I've seen . . . for an athlete looking to develop the ability to not only run fast in a linear pattern, but to have the unique ability to cut, decelerate, stop and change direction in an instant, while maintaining balance and coordination. The Inferno is able to help train those components to make you a better athlete in any sport!"

The product can be purchased online for $300.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock