New York Red Bulls DB Bench

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Most of the muscles used in soccer are located from the waist down, but that doesn't mean you should neglect bulking up your upper body. Below, Pierre Barrieu, fitness coach for the New York Red Bulls, offers a simple exercise you can incorporate into your workouts to chisel your chest.

Dumbbell Bench Press
•    Lie down on bench with dumbbell in each hand
•    Holding dumbbells to side at chest level, exhale and drive them upward
•    Lower dumbbells in controlled manner to chest level while simultaneously inhaling
•    Exhale while driving dumbbells upward

4x10, one time per week

Pierre's Points:
•    Maintain flat back on bench during all reps
•    Avoid lowering dumbbells below chest level, which can result in muscle tears in shoulders and chest
•    Don't clink dumbbells together at peak of your drive
•    Make sure to equally work both shoulders

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock