NHL All-Stars Drop In For a Game of Sledge Hockey

Watch Sidney Crosby and other star NHL players learn what it takes to play sledge hockey.

NHL All-Stars Drop In For a Game of Sledge Hockey

It's been a long time since Sidney Crosby wasn't the best player on the ice in an NHL game.

Maybe now the star center for the Pittsburgh Penguins knows how players around the league feel when they face off against Sid the Kid.

Before the start of the 2014-15 regular season, Crosby and an All-Star lineup of NHL players made a surprise appearance in Canada to play a game of sledge hockey with the Cruisers, a club team comprised of physically disabled players.

For the uninitiated, players sit in raised sleds assembled on two skate blades and use two sticks with metal pics on the ends to propel themselves around the ice.

Under the direction of Gatorade Canada, this pro-am pick-up game pitted Crosby against one of his biggest NHL rivals, Philadelphia Flyers center Claude Giroux.

Crosby lined up with San Jose Sharks center Logan Couture and Columbus Blue Jackets left winger Scott Hartnell, while Giroux was joined by Colorado Avalanche young gun Nathan MacKinnon and Vancouver Canuck goalie Ryan Miller.

They say hockey is the fastest game on ice, and Crosby and Company quickly learned that sledge hockey is every bit as physically demanding as the NHL.

Crosby said after the game, "Seeing the poise and the character and the mental strength, they really are an inspiration for all of us. I think their passion for hockey is something we all share, no matter what our situation or where we come from."

Giroux was a little more straightforward with his assessment of sledge hockey. "My core is burning right now," he remarked post-game.

So who emerged victorious in the battle of Team Crosby vs. Team Giroux? Check the video below for game highlights.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock