Nike + iPod

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Your conditioning plan calls for a three-mile run today. Instead of driving around to figure out the course, try Nike's latest running system, which measures that—and much more. 

Ever heard the saying, "Feel the music"? Well, the folks at Nike and Apple have turned that phrase on its head[phones]. They want the music to feel you. A line of NikePlus shoes features a built-in pocket beneath the insoles to accommodate a sensor, which syncs to your iPod Nano to evaluate your speed, distance and calories burned—basically a real-time analysis of your workout.

Need a boost on that final stretch? The system has a voice-feedback option that offers regular updates—including the encouragement of a personal coach. There's even a PowerSong setting that plays your most inspiring tune—maybe a little Linkin Park?—with the push of a button.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock