Nintendo NX May Arrive in 2016—or Maybe Not

Check out new rumors about the NX, Nintendo's latest console project.

With all the rumors sprouting up at the top of this month around the Nintendo NX, the only certainty is: We know little about the highly anticipated console, and that's unlikely to change any time soon.

The console could arrive as early as June or July 2016. However, as Digitimes points out, for that to happen, the company would have to ramp up production no later than October of this year. According to the website, Nintendo plans to place orders by "February or March 2016, and mass production will start in May or June 2016." That seems like a short turnaround for such a huge project.

Adding doubt, the number of units the company reportedly plans to ship in the first year is 20 million! The Wii U hasn't sold nearly as many units, so it seems like the company should be projecting a more modest number.

Liam Robertson, who has a good track record with rumors, added one to the mill when he revealed on Twitter that the company would not be directly targeting Sony with their new console. "The NX is definitely not aiming to compete with the likes of PS4 on a power level," he wrote. "Absolutely sure of that now."

It makes sense that the Japanese company would avoid going up against the PS4. Nintendo's reputation is based on offering an alternative to the alternative. They excel when they stray from the norm and bring innovation. Of course, that doesn't bode well for gamers hoping the new console would bring developers who abandoned the Wii U  back into the fold. But don't kill your hope just yet. It's still all conjecture for now.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock