The 2013 No Excuse Workout Guide

No excuses this year! Check out STACK's No Excuse Workout Guide to make sure you keep your resolution to work out more this year.

The "It's Too Hot/Cold Outside" Excuse

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When temperatures fall into the single digits in the winter or rise above 100 in the summer, leaving  your home isn't the most appealing proposition. If the thought of shivering or sweating for 10 seconds on your way to the car really is enough to deter you from getting to the gym, that still is no excuse to skip your workout. These Bad Weather Workouts from the good people at Men's Fitness give you three different full-body workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Note: This excuse does not apply to anyone living in certain parts of California, and shall not be used by anyone who claims that 60 degrees is "too cold" or 78 degrees is "too hot." Also, these people should be imprisoned immediately.

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