The 2013 No Excuse Workout Guide

No excuses this year! Check out STACK's No Excuse Workout Guide to make sure you keep your resolution to work out more this year.

The "But I'll Miss the Game!" Excuse

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We here at STACK understand how important sports can be in a person's life. Heck, we write about them for a living. Contrary to popular belief, there are ways to watch a game that don't involve sitting on a couch with a light beer and a box of pizza.

Going to the gym doesn't mean you have to miss the big game. It's 2013, which means most gyms are fully equipped with TVs. If you get to the gym before game time, you aren't going to want to leave. This means you will continue working out as long as your game is on, forcing you to complete your workout (and maybe even pushing yourself a little harder than you normally would). Cardio on a treadmill, bike, elliptical, etc., is perfect to combine with spectating, since watching the game takes your mind off the fact that you need to run 10 miles. By the time the game finishes, you'll have run 600 miles (give or take), gained six-pack abs (hey, it could happen), and burned a ton of calories.

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