The 2013 No Excuse Workout Guide

No excuses this year! Check out STACK's No Excuse Workout Guide to make sure you keep your resolution to work out more this year.

The "I'm So Sore" Excuse

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So you hit the gym the other day after an extended layoff, and now your body feels like someone tossed you out a window. You're too sore to move, and going to the gym seems much less appealing than staying in bed and watching SportsCenter 30 times in a row. Unfortunately, lying around all day won't help your body recover. Getting back into the gym—and going back consistently—is much more important (and impressive) than going hard once a week.

Don't be embarrassed. Check out some exercises you can do with a foam roller that will help alleviate your soreness and get you back in the gym in no time. Because really, one can only bear Stuart Scott for so long.

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