The 2013 No Excuse Workout Guide

No excuses this year! Check out STACK's No Excuse Workout Guide to make sure you keep your resolution to work out more this year.

The "I Ate Way Too Much Today" Excuse

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So that Quadruple Whopper you just ate has you nine months pregnant with a food baby. "I've already eaten horrible," you say to yourself. "Why even bother going to the gym now? This day is a wash." This is a mindstate that affects thousands of Americans every day. Just because you eat a bad meal doesn't mean you've ruined your day. If you're eating poorly and not working out? That's a double whammy. Eliminate that bloated feeling by eating better. Our Nutrition Basics should point you in the right direction. First order of business: stop eating any burger that contains more than one patty of beef!

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