Odell Beckham, Jr.'s Cousin Terron Beckham Is Already Impressing Coaches at Jets' Rookie Minicamp

Terron Beckham still has plenty to prove, but it sounds like he has made a good first impression at the Jets' minicamp.

Given his lack of college football experience, Terron Beckham faces an uphill climb to make an NFL roster. The good news is that it sounds like he's off to a strong start.

After the 2016 NFL Draft, Beckham received an invite to the New York Jets' rookie minicamp. That minicamp is taking place this weekend, and early indications are that the 23-year-old running back is performing well.

"He's quicker than I thought he was," Jets head coach Todd Bowles told ESPN. "I didn't know what to expect with him coming in. He's quick, he studies and he learns. I'll be interested to see what he does the next two days."

When Beckham was asked how he sees himself fitting into the Jets' plans at running back, he said he could potentially fill the void that Chris Ivory's recent departure has created (Ivory is now with the Jacksonville Jaguars). "I'd be a big fit," Beckham said. "Matt Forte's here, but Chris Ivory just left [as a free agent], and I see myself as kind of that Chris Ivory-type back, how he runs."

Listed by the Jets at 6-foot, 225 pounds, Beckham possesses size similar to Ivory. "I have strength, I have speed, I have power, explosiveness," Beckham told ESPN. "I know everybody's waiting on me to get into pads and see what I can do, and see if I can take a hit, which I believe I can, of course."

If the Jets like what they see from Beckham this weekend, they can sign him to their roster and have him participate in the team-wide minicamp in June. If he performs well there, he'll receive an invite to summer training camp. Although he still has plenty to prove, it sounds like Beckham has made a good first impression.

Who is Terron Beckham? Here's what you need to know about this freakishly athletic prospect:

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