Odell Beckham Jr. Takes Camper to School With His Signature One-Handed Catch

Note to campers: stop trying to guard Odell Beckham Jr.

If you're a small child with average to below-average jumping ability, and you get asked to guard Odell Beckham Jr. at the man's own football camp, there's only one thing that can happen: He will catch the ball over you and turn you into an Internet meme in the process.

That's exactly what went down at Beckham's first football camp today in New York, as the Giants wide receiver went up and over the kid trying to guard him and made an incredible one-handed catch, something Beckham Jr. might now be able to do better than catching a pass with two hands, like mortals do.

"That might go viral," the camp's emcee says into the microphone, clearly understanding the Twitter storm that was about to happen once the video hit the Internet.

Beckham Jr. also decided to participate in a 40-Yard Dash with a handful of campers, giving the kids a 5-yard head start before he took off. As you might expect, the campers' lead didn't last long. Beckham caught up and was the first one to cross the finish line—because he is in the NFL and a freak of nature. We'll see if another camper decides to challenge Beckham ever again.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock