Ohio State Buckeyes Flew On the Most Luxurious Plane Ever to Get to the College Football Playoff

The Buckeyes flew to Phoenix in style.

Reaching the College Football Playoffs is great for a myriad of reasons. You get the chance to play for a national championship, that game is usually somewhere super warm, and the perks that come with being one of the four teams selected are almost as good as the games themselves.

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Case in point: the airplane the Ohio State Buckeyes took to get from Columbus, Ohio, to Phoenix for their Fiesta Bowl matchup with the Clemson Tigers this Saturday. The double-decker United Airlines plane looked more like a New York City penthouse than an actual airplane, replete with more televisions and more legroom than your rich uncle's living room. The plane even had two Ohio State flags hung at its entrance to make it feel more like campus.

We know they've got a game to play, but would you blame any Ohio State players who choose to stay on the plane instead of checking into their hotel?


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock