Watch Out, Odell Beckham Jr.: This Summer's Nastiest One-Handed Catches

It's only the pre-season, but college and pro football players are already making incredible one-handed circus grabs.

A few years ago they were rarities, but as we head into the 2015 football season, amazing one-handed catches are showing up everywhere. The one-handed catch has been trending since David Tyree made his famous "helmet catch" in Super Bowl XLII. Odell Beckham Jr. accelerated the trend by making what some consider the greatest catch of all time last season, a behind-the-head one-handed snag. With training camps for college and NFL teams now underway, we're already seeing videos of wide receivers, defensive ends and even quarterbacks making mono-paw grabs, seemingly on a daily basis. Here are the best highlights so far of the one-handed-catch summer.

Brice Butler - Oakland Raiders

If you have no idea who Brice Butler is, you're not alone. The former USC wide receiver played his final year of college ball at San Diego State and was taken by the Oakland Raiders in the 7th and final round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He has just 30 catches in his two years in the league, but if this snag during the Raiders training camp is any indication, more balls will be coming his way in 2015. He clearly has the physical talent to make every grab.

Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers

Yes, Cam Newton is a quarterback. But we can easily imagine him as a wide receiver. His physicality and size alone would make him a serious threat downfield. And hey, it looks like he's already got this whole catching thing down, as he saves a Carolina Panthers assistant coach from certain doom with a one-handed circus catch.

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Tom Brady - New England Patriots

The New England Patriots, who like to get creative in their pursuit of victory, have been known to run a trick play or two. On one of the first plays of training camp this year, wide receiver Julian Edelman launched a ball toward quarterback Tom Brady, who made a deft one-handed grab.

Emanuel Hall - University of Missouri Tigers

Mizzou is reloading at the receiver position for 2015, and one player to watch is freshman Emanuel Hall, especially after the incredible one-handed reception he made in training camp. Hall stands 6-foot-3. Add catching ability like this, and Hall could become a household name in Columbia very soon.

Jeremy Maclin - Kansas City Chiefs

The catch here is impressive, but so is the concentration. Jeremy Maclin, the Chiefs' shiny new off-season acquisition, kept his eyes on a tipped football all the way to the ground, then did his own David Tyree impression, grabbing it with one hand before it hits the grass.

Shakim Phillips - Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers wide receiver Shakim Phillips went full extension on this amazing one-handed snag during the Hall of Fame Game in Canton last weekend. An undrafted player out of Boston College, Phillips went a long way to ensure earning a spot on the final 53-man roster come September.

Calvin McCarty - Edmonton Eskimos

One-handed catch fever has even made its way up north to the CFL. This is Edmonton Eskimos running back Calvin McCarty making an outrageous one-handed grab, leaning back to his left and extending his left arm to haul in the ball as a defender flashes right in front of him. This catch was so good, it was featured on SportsCenter's Top 10.

J.J. Watt - Houston Texans

Nothing to see here, guys. Just Mr. "There is Literally Nothing I Cannot Do On The Football Field, I Could Probably Even Kick A 50-Yard Field Goal, Try Me" catching balls with one hand in practice like he's been doing it his whole life.

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Terrelle Pryor - Cleveland Browns

As Terrelle Pryor attempts to make the transition from quarterback to wide receiver, he already has that whole catching thing down. Early in Browns training camp, Pryor made this leaping, one-handed grab over a cornerback, much to the delight of the crowd behind him.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock