Pablo Sandoval Actually Looks Like He's in Pretty Good Shape

Let's see if he can maintain it through spring training.

The last time we checked in on Pablo Sandoval, the Boston Red Sox high-profile free agent acquisition of 2015 was being fitted for a new belt after his old one exploded during an at-bat in April. Before that, during spring training, a picture of Sandoval's gut hanging out underneath his shirt went viral, immediately refuting any and all reports of the slugger's supposed off-season weight loss. He then appeared in only three games for the Red Sox this past season due to injury and conditioning concerns.

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So color us skeptical about the news of a slimmed down photo of Sandoval in Florida began making the rounds on the Internet this morning. There's still a long time to wait before pitchers and catchers report to spring training in February, plenty of time to eat a lot of pizza and ice cream. But for the moment, Sandoval, who has been working out in Florida, looks like he's eliminated the gut that dominated last season's headlines.

Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski will give Sandoval a chance to win back his job at third base, and a productive Sandoval would be a huge addition to an already potent BoSox lineup. But we're still going to reserve judgment until February.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock