Paramount Picks Up College Football Comedy 'Red Shirt'

'Red Shirt,' a new comedy with a college football setting, is coming to the big screen from Paramount Pictures.

Paramount Pictures has acquired a college football comedy film titled Red Shirt, pitched by actors Timothy Simons and Matt Walsh, who are developing the project. The duo co-star as adversaries in the highly acclaimed HBO comedy series Veep.

Although Simons and Walsh are best known as actors, each has previous writing experience, especially Walsh, who has written a number of movies and TV shows. His most recent project was the 2014 comedy A Better You. Simons is just breaking into screenwriting, and this new picture will be his first feature-length script.

Simons' big screen acting career is really taking off, with a role in the upcoming Jack Black adventure comedy Goosebumps premiering in October and the Melissa McCarthy feature Michelle Darnell, out next year. Walsh will also share the screen with McCarthy in the Ghostbusters reboot, expected to hit theaters July 22, 2016.

Ben Stiller's Paramount-based production company Red Hour Films is producing Red Shirt.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock