Paul George's Intense Pregame Shooting Routine Rivals That of Steph Curry

Overlooked compared to Steph Curry's, the pregame warm-up routine of the Pacers' Paul George is just as impressive.

Paul George

If you're an NBA fan, it's been impossible not to notice Steph Curry's pregame shooting routine, whether he's draining shots from halfcourt as if they're layups or hitting his customary jumper from the tunnel inside Oracle Arena. It's become almost as big a spectacle as the game itself, with ESPN and TNT dedicating major camera time to showcasing Curry's pregame activities.

Other players' routines, some just as impressive, have gone relatively unnoticed. That includes Indiana Pacers star Paul George, who today makes his triumphant return to the NBA Playoffs a little over a year since suffering one of the most horrific leg injuries in league history. With the Pacers set to take on the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference first-round matchup, we finally got a glimpse of the impressive work George puts in during the pregame outside of Curry's shadow.

As he's done all season, George warms up by draining 3s from the corner before moving out a little farther—and by that we mean all the way to halfcourt.

George then sinks a shot from the Raptors' logo like it's nothing. He may not get as much pregame hype as Curry, but his warmup is just as impressive as the sure-to-be MVP's.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock