Plate Extensions With Maryland Soccer

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The University of Maryland men's soccer team brought home the 2008 National Championship—its second in four years—but the Terrapins didn't do it by sitting on their behinds during the off-season.

Guided by Barry Kagan, one of the most respected strength coaches in the business, Maryland took advantage of time off the pitch and made it a priority to incorporate total body exercises into a rigorous training plan.

Kagan's troops performed Plate Extensions once a week throughout the off-season. "We're trying to hit every body part to some degree as efficiently as we can in a short period of time," he says.

Add this exercise to your off-season training regimen and be ready to see a total strength improvement.

Plate Extensions
•    Begin in squat position holding plate between legs
•    In one movement, come out of squat and raise plate above head
•    Return to start position
•    Perform movement continuously for specified reps

Plate weight: start with 10 pounds and increase over time
Sets/Reps: 2/8-12
Coaching Points: Set your feet slightly wider than shoulder width // Perform the movement under control // Make sure your legs are doing most of the work // Fully extend your arms above your head at the top of the movement

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock