President Obama Does a Spot-on Imitation of Stephen Curry's On-Court Celebration

President Obama, a hoopster in his own right, does a nifty Steph Curry imitation.

The Golden State Warriors were at the White House today, being honored by President Obama for winning the 2015 NBA Championship. Although the defending champs are off to one of the best starts in NBA history, Obama came with a few jokes at their expense.

After pointing out a few Warriors fans in attendance, who also happened to be members of his Cabinet and members of Congress, the President came out swinging:

"It is rare to be in the presence of guys from the greatest team in NBA history," he said. "We're pretty lucky today because we've got one of those players in the house—Steve Kerr from the 95-96 Chicago Bulls!"

Next, he called out Klay Thompson for admitting when he was drafted that he didn't know Oakland had an NBA team. That got a big laugh from the rest of the Warriors players, but the President made it up to Thompson later by saying his jumper is prettier than MVP Steph Curry's.

But the best thing the President did was mimic the way Curry hops around and spins in a circle when he tosses in a big 3-pointer. The move was surprisingly spot-on and could become a highlight of Obama's presidency. Probably.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock