8 Surprising Ways Pro Athletes Cross-Train

Today's pro athletes train in some very unique ways. Learn more about the cross-training of the stars through STACK.com.

John Morrison (WWE Wrestler): Parkour

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John Morrison (WWE Wrestler): Parkour

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Morrison is known for his high-flying stunts in the WWE, but he's honed his skills through an activity outside the ring called Parkour. First made popular in France, Parkour forces an athlete to vault, jump, climb, flip and roll to overcome obstacles. Imagine running at top speed toward a brick wall just to see how quickly your reflexes allow you to flip over it. That's the essence of the sport. For Morrison, Parkour helps him see his environment as a series opportunities for free movement—a pretty useful skill when you're trying to dodge an opponent's punches.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock