Puma PWR-C 3.10 IT Indoor Boot Review

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Winter is upon us, which means it's indoor soccer season (at least in most areas of the U.S.). And playing on artificial turf could also mean it's time to pick up a new indoor boot—e.g., the Puma PWR-C 3.10 IT, which keeps pitch players from slipping and falling on old-school AstroTurf.

Although it weighs only 9.8 ounces, this boot packs a punch. A polyurethane upper creates a dense foam layer, providing excellent cushioning for players looking to unleash a powerful, yet controlled, strike.

The offset asymmetrical lacing system creates a clean kicking surface for complete accuracy.

The midsole is made of EVA, a microcellular foam material that provides a lightweight, comfortable feel, but is tough enough to withstand aggressive cutting and running on the pitch. The boot's outsole is made of non-marking rubber, appropriate for use on all indoor surfaces. The bottom treads are designed to help prevent slips—especially useful after lateral movement—while allowing athletes to explode forward without having to take a false step.

Overall, the Puma PWR-C 3.10 IT is a good fit for soccer players who want to be light on their feet without worrying about losing their balance while dominating a game. The boot runs a little small, so we suggest ordering a half-size larger than usual.

For more info and to order the Puma PWR-C 3.10 IT for your indoor season, head to soccer.com.

Source:  Puma
Photos:  soccer.com

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock