Amazing 6-Year-Old Surfer Girl Will Brighten Your Day

Watch 6-year-old Quincy Symonds tackle the surf like a seasoned professional.

At just 6 years old, Australian Quincy Symonds could be mistaken for a professional surfer. "The Flying Squirrel," as she's called, has no fear. She started surfing with her dad when she was 4, and began skateboarding three months after that.

When her dad was away on business, Quincy's mom had to take alternate car routes to avoid driving by the ocean, because Quincy would become upset when she couldn't be in it. Her parents hired Anthony Pope to be her trainer. Pope has worked with some of the top professional surfers in the world, including Owen Wright and Stephanie Gilmore.

Quincy has adrenal insufficiency, which means her body does not produce cortisol, a hormone typically released when one is under stress or when one's blood sugar level is low.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock