Ready, Set, Drink: Top RTDs

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You have a 15- to 45-minute window of opportunity, post-workout, to fuel your muscles effectively.

Six-time Ironman World Champ and first Hall-of-Famer Dave Scott advocates replenishing your body's calorie deficit and energy stores by taking in about 30 percent of total calories burned. For example, if you burned 1,000 cals during practice, down about 300 within 45 minutes. One easy way to do that is through a portable ready-to-drink.

Here are a few RTDs, conveniently packed with protein and carbs—essential recovery nutrients. "The protein repairs some of the muscle cells and limits breakdown," Scott says. "And the carbohydrate builds up your liver glycogen, so you're ready to go the next day."

Labrada Lean Body On the Go
Bananas & Cream
$47/12 bottles
Calories: 190
Carbs: 6g
Protein: 25g Fat: 7g
The lowdown: Sugarfree formula, packed with 25 grams of Labrada's LeanPro blend, which includes whey protein, Lglutamine and branched chain amino acids

Myoplex Strength Formula
Vanilla Cream
$35/12 bottles
Calories: 210
Carbs: 23g
Protein: 25g Fat: 2.5g
The lowdown: Offers 25 grams of protein along with 100 percent daily value of vitamins C and E

GNC Pro Performance 50 Gram Slam
Milk Chocolate
$45/12 cans
Calories: 270
Carbs: 12g
Protein: 50g Fat: 2g
The lowdown: Contains casein [a slow-absorbing protein] and whey [a fast absorbing protein]; one can provides 120 percent DV of calcium

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