Recruiting Trip Wardrobe Tips

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If it's true that "clothes make the man," then when gearing up for a recruiting trip, you want to be dressed like the perfect candidate as you step foot on campus. For advice on what to bring along, follow STACK's packing checklist.

1. One nice outfit. You'll need it for touring campus and meeting with a coach. Opt for khakis and a button down or polo. Throw in a sweater or jacket if campus weather will be cool. 

2. Two casual outfits. You'll need these when meeting and hanging out with the team. Jeans, tees, a hoodie and a hat or cap will help you look collegiate without trying too hard.

3. A versatile pair of shoes. You want to be comfortable and cool while walking around campus and hanging out with the team. Opt for a fresh pair of white or neutral color kicks, which can be paired with any outfit.

Final Tips
•    Bring items that mix and match well. You'll have less to pack and be able to change outfits as needed.
•    Stay away from flip-flops, unless you're sporting them in the shower. For anything else, like a campus tour or meeting with a coach, wear a pair of tennis shoes.  
•    Forgo clothing with offensive language and images.
•    Don't look sloppy. An iron is a must if you want to appear crisp and clean.
•    You spend a lot of time in locker rooms, but you don't want to smell like one, so pack essential toiletries: deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, razor, shave gel and a towel.

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