Reebok Re-Releases Allen Iverson's "The Question" Sneaker

Reebok re-releases the the classic Iverson "The Question" sneaker today. Check it out on

The Question

We all remember "The Crossover," right? Rookie Allen Iverson, devoid of his famous cornrows, drew the legendary Michael Jordan on a switch, and the rest was history. A.I. made a quick move to the left, then powered back to right and crossed Jordan out of his shoes. Iverson then cooly pulled up and hit a jumper. It was a defining moment for the youngster out of Georgetown, and Reebok is celebrating it by re-releasing the shoe Iverson was wearing when he crossed MJ.

Having dropped the Answer IV back in August, Reebok now brings us the The Question in a white and blue colorway. The shoe with the blue tip, which adorned Iverson's feet during his 1996-1997 rookie year, will be available for purchase from select retailers for $125 starting today. Don't miss out on soaking in a little 76ers history, remembering just how great and bold Allen Iverson once was. Check out more pictures of the shoe below.


The Question Sole

The Question Shoe

The Question Sneaker

All photos provided by Reebok

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock