Reebok Teams Up With Marvel for Superhero Sneaker Collection

This summer, Reebok and Marvel have joined forces to create a superhero sneaker collection. Check out photos of the lineup.

Reebok x Marvel

For summer 2012, Reebok and Marvel have joined forces to create ten Reebok silhouettes, each featuring a Marvel superhero or villain. Inspired by the likes of Captain America, Red Skull, Spider-Man, Venom, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deadpool and Chamber, the shoes resurrect famous Reebok styles like the '90s Ventilator, Pump Omni HLS and Pump Fury HLS. Each shoe in the Reebok X Marvel collection comes with a unique hang tag and graphic insoles with original art.

Rhode Island-based artist Anthony Petrie designed the sneakers after working with Marvel for a few years on Spider-Man licensed shoes. Petrie wanted the sneakers to appeal to both comic book fans and fashion forward athletes, so he focused more on color and material than all-over graphics. Keep an eye out for the collection this summer.

Reebok Black Widow

Reebok Wolverine

Reebok Spiderman

Reebok Emma Frost

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock