Rude Kid Attempts to Rob Todd Frazier of Multiple Home Runs at 2016 Home Run Derby

Todd Frazier could have had more home runs if it weren't for those meddling kids, one in particular.

Todd Frazier

In hindsight, Todd Frazier never really had a chance to repeat as Home Run Derby champion. Not after Giancarlo Stanton got his home run groove back at the beginning of July and then volunteered to hit baseballs as far as he could in San Diego last night. He had even less of a chance once Stanton bombed 20 homers in the final round, leaving a weary Frazier, who'd been playing catch-up the entire derby, a mere four minutes to hit 21 homers.

Frazier still managed to hit 13 dingers during his time at the plate, and if it weren't for a tall, meddling man-child in the outfield, he probably could have had a couple more added to the total. The culprit, a dude who towered over his fellow child outfielders and was fully decked out in a baseball cap,  shirt and pants, appeared hellbent on preventing any of Frazier's hits from making it over the fence behind him. Observers remarked that this young thief robbed Frazier of at least three homers in the final round, and Frazier appeared legitimately upset by it. We don't blame him.

"The umpire said they were gone." Frazier told ESPN. "But if it had come down to it, you would have seen me yelling. If I was one or two away, we would have had to go to replay. I'm not going out like that."

No word on whether the home run thief was actually a division opponent, like Rajai Davis, in disguise.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock