Scholarship Handbooks

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Sure, your athletic scholarship will cover the cost of college, if you're on a full ride. Otherwise you're going to need some extra cash to pay for the next four years of schooling. Check out these books for sources of funds you can use to get through college without getting into a financial hole.

Scholarship Handbook 2009 $27.95 [CollegeBoard]
The 2009 edition features more than 2,000 funding programs keyed to who you are, where you live and what you want to study.

Also includes: Info on the number of applicants for each award so you can weigh your odds, as well as sections on internships and loan programs.

Kaplan Scholarships 2009 $27 [Kaplan]
Kaplan not only tells you where to find the money, they also provide nitty-gritty details, including eligibility requirements, duration of funding, and application and contact info.

Also includes: Expert advice and tips on researching your options, making the best decision and avoiding scams.

The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2009: Billions of Dollars in Scholarships, Grants and Prizes $26.95
[Gen and Kelly Tanabe]

This expert college-admissions duo provides information on every type of available financial aid, accessible by the sport you play, your academic grades, what you want to study in college, your religion, your ethnicity and more. This book has staying power, because it also contains sources of funding for graduate school. 

Also includes: Tips on what a winning scholarship application should say.

The Scholarship Book 13th Edition: The Complete Guide to Private-Sector Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants and Loans for the Undergraduate $32.50 [Daniel Cassidy, National Scholarship Research Service]
A comprehensive guide to financial aid, from privately funded scholarships and grants to the type of aid you have to pay back—a.k.a. loans.

Also includes: How to determine what awards you qualify for; how to write killer essays, applications and cover letters; and references to other publications and links to other websites that might advance your quest for college cash. 

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