Set Up Your Shot with Minnesota Wrestling

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University of Minnesota assistant wrestling coach Joe Russell admits there's no perfect setup for a shot, but he does have some tricks that help his wrestlers score more takedowns. Here Russell deals out five tips to becoming an offensive threat on the mat.

1. Push and pull Get your opponent out of scoring position. One way to do this is by controlling the tie-ups. Get your hands where you want them, then push and pull your opponent off balance and out of a good defensive stance.

2. Half-shot, second shot This is a big thing we use with our guys. Fake a shot to get your opponent to react, then really try to score with the second shot.

3. Re-shot Another good time to score is when a guy shoots on you and you counter it. Get him when he's backing out, because he's out of position.

4. After you escape Your opponent will be tired and need a mini-break. Instead of taking a few seconds to breathe, too, get yourself in on the guy's legs right away. Don't give him that opportunity to relax.

5. After he escapes It's common for people to take a second or two to break after a score, and they're usually not in the best position. So, as soon as your opponent gets to his feet to escape from the bottom, get right back after him.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock