'Iron Man 3' Director to Direct 'The Destroyer'

Shane Black is set to direct 'The Destroyer.'

Iron Man 3 director Shane Black will direct The Destroyer, an adventure film from the book series originated by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.

The story follows the escapades of Remo Williams, a former cop who survives a botched execution after being framed for a crime he didn't commit. When he gets a fresh start, Williams starts working with an assassin from a clandestine U.S. government agency who is focused on eliminating national security threats.

Considering the series' blend of suspense, violence and humor, Black seems well suited to helm the project for Sony's Columbia Pictures. In talking about the choice of Black as director, Columbia's president of production Michael DeLuca stated, "The Destroyer is a two-fisted classic and deserves no less than the genius of Shane Black. We couldn't be more excited about his vision for this character."

Black made a name for himself writing action flicks such as the Lethal Weapon films and The Last Action Hero. He currently has several other movies in the works, including a sequel to Predator.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock