STACK Approved: Skullcandy's NBA Mix Master Headphones

STACK reviews Skullcandy's NBA Mix Master Headphones designed by Beastie Boy DJ Mix Master Mike.

Skullcandy NBA Mix Master Headphones
As long-term fans of Skullcandy's headphones, we have watched the brand's products evolve into the higher-end category. With so many over-the-ear headphone choices, we like to put our money where it counts: sound quality. Fortunately, this is where Skullcandy's NBA Mix Master headphones really deliver—big time.

Designed in collaboration with the Beastie Boys' DJ Mix Master Mike, the headphones carry a well-balanced sound that's both full and dynamic. There's plenty of bass, but not so much that it overpowers the rest of the sound. Created the DJ in mind, the 'phones feature a mute switch in the ear bud; a coiled cord with a plug that screws into either ear; and a twisting ear pad that switches the sound from stereo to mono to make it easier to match beats.

As for the physical design, the headphones are admittedly bulky. But, with a price tag of $300, sturdy construction is preferable over something  more fragile. Other features we dig: the high-gloss finish on the hardware, the cushy ear pads and NBA team logos. In addition to the Celtics version we reviewed, NBA Mix Master headphones are available for fans of the Bulls, Knicks and Lakers.

The one drawback we can't help notice is the price. However, if the construction holds up and the sound quality is maintained, NBA Mix Master headphones are a good long-term investment. Purchase yours at

Skullcandy Celtics Headphones

NBA Mix Master Headphones Folded

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